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Sunday, November 8, 2009

MIA and Storage Room Overhaul

Chapter 1 - I Have Had A Crazy Summer!
June - It rained all month - I was able to garden between rainstorms
July - I was sick
August - We had 2 new grandson's on Aug 9 and Aug 15
September - We canned like a crazy person - we did over 400 quarts of food.

Chapter 2 - Overhaul
October - Time to clean out the storage room. We have had one storage room that is 12 x 16. I have put things in layers in there and as you can imagine, we could barely walk in the walking area. We had another storage area for household items and a large bathroom down there that could have held a hot tub! (In fact before it was a bathroom, we used it for a bedroom for one of our children - it is that big!)

Changes - Main Storage Room
All of these rooms are at the end of the basement hall so the doors all touch. If there weren't walls the rooms would be all connected.
I took out all of the stuff from our main storage area that wasn't long term. WOW! Everything in there is in buckets and cannery cans, these are things that are 40 years + storage items. We can walk around it andfind things.

Changes - Bathroom
I put 2 sets of shelves in to hold all the non food things, vitamins, paper goods etc. (I can find things!)

Changes - Old Storage Area
(Also used to be a bedroom for one of the kids)
Grocery store type items in here. These are all the canned things, pacakges, bottles etc. I can easily rotate and organized these items.

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