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I would encourage you to do something every week to help with your personal preparedness. Learn something, buy something, teach something or do something. Doing a little each week will pay off .

Thursday, January 29, 2009

THURSDAY - Inventory Needs

I bake all of our bread so we go through quite a bit of the basic ingredients.
Looking at my inventory, it is time to buy more yeast.
Yeast can be kept in your deep freeze and is viable 5-7 years frozen.
There are 12 containers in each case and each package of yeast has 32 oz.
32 oz will give me 48 batches of 2 loaves of bread or 96 loaves of bread.

My recipe uses 1 tbsp. of yeast for every 2 loaves of bread.
Each person on average on our current diet eats about one full loaf of bread per week.
However if we were in a survival situation , that would increase to at least double.

It is time to order more yeast. I give a few to our children, so a case works great for me.
It is much more economical to buy it in large bags than to buy it in packets or smaller bottles.
You will have to check around your area to find the best prices.

Without yeast you can still make bread, but it would be flat bread. You could obviously survive, but normal bread would help morale and is more of what most of us are used to.

I will share later on various ways to cook bread, should you not have electricity.