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I would encourage you to do something every week to help with your personal preparedness. Learn something, buy something, teach something or do something. Doing a little each week will pay off .

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inventory First Aid Items

We had a first aid mini emergency this week and I realized I need to replace a few items in my kit and in my supplies. I need to get some more vaseline, some anti-gas treatment, and some kind of diaper rash ointment. I also have added cleaning out my supplies to my "To Do" list next week.
Here is a great First Aid Kit Resource Article:
First Aid Kit Supplies
By Rachel Woods, Latter-day Saint Guide,
Your basic emergency/home storage should include a prepared kit of first aid supplies.
• Update your first aid kit every six months (put a note in your calendar/planner) to
replenish and check all supplies. Expired or contaminated items should be replaced.
• Check with your family doctor for any specific medicines and supplies your family
might require for an emergency.
• Some items may leak or break open. Using tubes, plastic bottles, or Ziploc bags can
help prevent contamination.
• All supplies should be labeled and organized for quick and easy use.
• Supplies may be divided and organized into compartments or sections.
• You may include any other first aid items you feel would be useful or necessary.
• A condensed version of this first aid kit should also be included in your 72 hour kit.
*List compiled from, “Essentials of Home Production & Storage,” 1978, p 7-8.

Standard First Aid Kit Supplies*
ı Container (metal, wood, or plastic) with
a fitted cover to store first aid kit
ı First Aid Booklet (including CPR)
ı Prescribed Medications
ı Any critical medical family histories
ı Adhesive
ı Ammonia
ı Bicarbonate of soda
ı Calamine lotion (sunburn/insect bites)
ı Diarrhea remedy
ı Elastic bandages
ı Gauze bandages
ı Hot-water bottle
ı Hydrogen peroxide
ı Ipecac syrup (induces vomiting)
ı Knife
ı Matches
ı Measuring cup
ı Medicine dropper
ı Needles
ı Paper bags
ı Razor blades
ı Rubbing alcohol
ı Safety pins
ı Scissors
ı Soap
ı Thermometer
ı Triangular bandages
ı Tweezers
ı Prescriptions
ı Consecrated oil

Additional First Aid Kit Supplies
ı Immunization records
ı Medications for children (if applicable)
ı Fever reducing medications such as:
-aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen
ı Allergy medication
ı Antibacterial wipes
ı Antibiotic ointment
ı Antiseptic wipes
ı Band-aids
ı Burn ointment/spray
ı Cotton balls
ı Cough syrup/cough drops
ı Disposable blanket
ı Eye drops/eye wash
ı Feminine Hygiene
ı Gloves
ı Hand sanitizer
ı Hot and cold instant packs
ı Hydrocortisone cream
ı Lip ointment (chap stick)
ı Medical tape (waterproof & regular)
ı Nail clippers
ı Needle and thread
ı Snake bite kit
ı Sterile strips
ı Sunscreen/lotion
ı Tourniquet kit
ı Vaseline
ı Water purification tablets
ı Other:

My Preparedness Information is Organized! WOO HOO

This week I have totally taken all of my preparedness paper's, handouts. books, personal research etc. and organized it. I had duplicates of many things and am giving that all away.
I have sections for food, recipes, disaters, skills, etc. I have enough information that it filled a file drawer. I am working on my herb book now, getting it organized and in working order.
Now I can clearly see what I need to work on, what herbs and garden seeds to plant and what skills I need to my challenge to you is to get your information in working order!