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I would encourage you to do something every week to help with your personal preparedness. Learn something, buy something, teach something or do something. Doing a little each week will pay off .

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Challenge To You!

I canned a bunch this fall from our garden, (recipes follow). When I took all those bottles to the storage room, I didn't have room to put them in because it was stuffed to the max. I haven't been able to organize very well and sometimes things get pushed back too far or I get duplicate things when I need other items.
In October I did something I have wanted to do for a while. I took out all the short term storage items and put them together. I also made a special place for personal care and 1st aid items

I can already see a difference in it's effectiveness and it is all so clean! I am ready to get back into learning, gathering and sharing information again until it time to plant the garden in the spirng.

Challenge To The Reader - Clean Your Storage Room
I went to a food storage class once that the teacher asked what kind of an investment we had made into our food storage. She asked us to put write the amount of money on top of the paper she had given us for an outline of the class. After we had done that, she asked if we had invested that much money in art or jewelry how we would store it and take care of it. After her point was made, she said. "With this much of an investment, including it's benefit, your food storage room should be the cleanest room in your house."

I have tried to remember this, but I had stacked too many things all together and I had lost my effectiveness. I found spiders and dust that needed to be cleaned up and out.

This has been a labor of love over years of time. Our children have learned it well and all are gathering their food storage too. We have empty rooms now so I can be more effective in the storage of our food area. You may not have that option right now. In the past we have stored things under beds, in closets etc. you can store a lot of things in places like that. It is still important to keep them vacumed, in order and inventoried.

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