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I would encourage you to do something every week to help with your personal preparedness. Learn something, buy something, teach something or do something. Doing a little each week will pay off .

Saturday, April 3, 2010

90 Days of Lunch

Other things can be made from these items - need these basic supplies to work with.)

7 Menu's
1 - Soup/Sandwiches(Tuna or other canned meat)/Milk or Water/Veggies
2 - Chile/Toast/Juice
3 - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches/Veggies/Soup
4 - Soup/Sandwiches(Tuna or other canned meat)/Milk or Water/Veggies
5 - Chile/Toast/Juice
6 - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches/Veggies/Soup
7 - Chile/Toast/Juice

4 soups a week x 12 = 48 cans or 2 cases
3 chile or other type canned meal such as stew etc x 12 = 36 cans or case and 1/2
Canned Tuna or other canned meat - 2 per week x 12 = 24 cans
Grilled Cheese - 1 lbs a week (waxed cheese - 1 lb a week x 12 = 12 lbs
Veggies - in season - use garden/ out of season, sprouts or canned - 4 meals x 12 = 48 cans or 2 cases
Bread Makings for each day = 3 loaves for the week (see breakfast for item list)
Fruit Juice - 3 times = 1 bottle of 64 oz per day ( 64 oz = 8 cups) (need fruit juice for nutrition not just a drink mix) = 3 x 12 = 36 bottles or 3 cases (12 in a case)


kdonat said...

In your lunch menu you mention "waxed cheese". Will you explain further please. Enjoy your blog very much.

Nina said...

(I'm making this comment for a friend who was having troubles making a post.)

I have found that the hardest part of cooking a meal is figuring out what to cook! And when you are trying to figure it out for three months - let alone a year, it can be quite daunting!

I also hate shopping and when my kids were small, I would only go once a month and it made my life so much easier. That is one reason that I like food storage so much, that and it is cheaper to live off of your garden and out of your basement than the store.

I was really concerned about my food storage and I kind of knew how much I needed of everything, but I wasn't absolutely sure.

What I decided to do was to build a menu plan and break each item down as a recipe and then run it through a couple of spreadsheets. The end result is a list of exactly what foods, and the exact amounts, I needed to store for my family - for three months, six months or a year! And we get to keep eating the food we like.

I have the worksheets posted for free on my website at

The fun result, after finishing everything, is that I had all of my recipes typed in a nice format and I just finished printing off my own personal family cookbook with all of our favorite recipes, and with the amounts needed to store to make them - no matter what!

A direct link to the Food Storage Worksheets is