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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Food Storage For 1 For a Year

I just got this from a friend and would love to know the original author so I can give the proper credit where it is due.
Exactly What Does a Basic 1 Year Food Storage
For 1 Person Look Like?
These are the MINIMUM Basic Amounts of Food Needed for Survival for ONE PERSON for ONE YEAR: BARE-MINIMUM LDS Church Food storage requirements for 1 adult male for 1 year Appx. 2,300 calories per day. (only 695lbs total)

Some people try to rationalize that we "really" don't need to store everything that we have been asked to store. The thought came to actually create a display to show 1) what does that one year basic survival food for one person look like (the amounts the First Presidency has recommended), and 2) how much does that really work out to be per day?
We took all those ingredients and by adding yeast (which we know is not on the basic list – but hopefully we have stored), we were able to make one loaf of bread and 1/3 cup of beans. That would be your food for the entire day.
Don't FORGET water!!!


lynnaea said...

Hey -- just found your blog the other day and really appreciate all the great information. Will likely link to you off of my blog, Question: How long will cooking oil last in storage? I know it's important, but I don't think it has an indefinite shelf life...

JOY said...

Love this! I do a food storage friday on my blog too! It's so fun to work together with this preparedness stuff! I'm loving seeing what a year's worth of storage looks like for 1 person! Thanks!