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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Changing Water!

WOO HOO I got our water all changed out! That was a huge job. We had a bathroom downstairs that was used occasionally for years. We had stored all of our water in that area. Now that our fmaily is growing, that bathroom is being used more and more. I had to get the water out. So we moved it to the little storage area across the hall. It is winter in Idaho and very cold, so this was tricky. but I wanted to get it done so I can continue deep cleaning our house. It took three days but it is finished and looks clean and wonderful. We have about 300 gallons stored in this area. There is more in other parts of the house, but this is our drinking water.

A friend of mine told me he had water stored for 20 years and had never changed it. He got some and drank it and it was FLAT. He tried to areate it by shaking and never could revive it. He is changing out his water too.

I try to change ours out about every 2 years. The clorox ration needed is listed at the end of the blog.

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Anonymous said...

We replace our water every two years, too. Really it's realistic to be able to get away with five but we like to err on the side of caution. Here's a post all about storing water, how much and how to store, how to clean it and tips on conserving water, too. Enjoy!